Show and creation of argentinian tango

Formed in Buenos Aires, Valérie Onnis and Daniel Darius are choreographers of argentinian tango in Paris, and they declines their creation of spectacles under different forms. Inspired by their previous artistic experience in the domain of the spectacle and choreography (see presentation), they become art directors of the Company Argos/OtroTango in 2007. Under their direction, this company produced different creations, events, accomplishments and shorts about the argentinian tango, with to draft in France and abroad. We present OtroTango's spectacles here in three divisions. If you are in search of a spectacle or a demonstration of tango (for festivals, festive events, the evenings cruises, you sup on show etc.), you can consult our page concerning evential shows, which might be create for you according to the conditions of the scenic space, of the sound, the light and the budget you dispose.

Three domains of show production

  • Daniel Darius and Valérie Onnis built choreographies and directed two spectacles as contemporary creation of tango, co-producted with different theatres ("L'Etoile du Nord" in Paris, Vanve's Theatre, Toulouse's baroque Orchestra). The originality of these spectacles resides in the alliance between, on one side, a dance established in its argentinian tradition and its orginines "porteñas", and on the other hand, a contemporary "mise en scène".
  • The second form of spectacle consists of performances and exhibitions of tango, which Valérie Onnis and Daniel Darius have presented in different occasions: international festivals of tango, festivals of dance and of theatre, cultural events etc.
  • The cinema and the television is the third domain of their artistic activity: Valérie Onnis and Daniel Darius created the choreographies and danced the tango in different movies, as " L'Homme of sa vie" of Zabou Breitmann or " Je ne suis pas là pour être aimé" of Stéphane Brizé. They are employed in addition at projects of filming, and they realized a tango short: "La Notte". They also danced in video clips, like "Tangled up " ofCaro Emerald.