Valérie Onnis
Daniel Darius

Videos of argentinian tango: to film the fugitive?

We present here a small choice of our tango videos, shot in Paris or elsewhere, of different styles, representatives of different stages of our evolution. We never stop wondering about the difficult relationship between the tango and the video that fixes it in a picture. You can read a brief reflection on tango and its image (look at the corresponding French page). You can watch some of our videos of this Argentinian dance. Paradoxically, tango vibrates between two poles: improvisation and choreographed form, oscillation which often escapes the image!

Démonstration classique : festival "Tango par la Côte"

A classic tango demonstration at the international festival "Tango Par la Côte", in France, Bretagne.

The first video is the recording of a "classic" demonstration of Argentine tango, to the music of the orchestra of Osvaldo Fresedo, tango named Buscandote ("looking for you"), danced at the international festival of Argentine tango "Tango by the side".

Tango Nuevo au Festival international "Tango Postale" in Toulouse, France

Tango nuevo in the festival of Toulouse

The second video shows a tango presented to the international festival "Tangopostale" in Toulouse, in 2009, which evolves on a tango electro of the group Bajofondo.

Court-métrage de tango : "La Notte"

The Notte: inspired by a composition of Astor Piazzolla

The third video is not the record of a demonstration, but the accomplishment of a short, which directs the same esssence of the presence and of the desire (for a description of this cinematographic project, see the page dedicated in the paragraph > spectacle> short).

Valse argentine présentée au théâtre de l'Agora

Argentinian vals at the "theatre of Agora"

In a "Milonga" (an Argentine tango ball) three different dances are present: the tango, the milonga and the Argentine waltz. It is the variety of these three dances and musics that creates the richness and the dynamics in a tango ball. You see here a waltz demonstration presented at the tango festival organized at the Agora theater, Evry national stage.